Isle of Anglesey County Council

Pre-application planning advice

Guidance on when planning permission is required and pre application advice.

In order to reflect the increase in the costs of delivering the service, fees are charged for certain categories of pre-planning advice. Please follow the link for the schedule of fees.

This section sets out a broad range of issues that you might usefully think about before submitting the application forms.

Do you need planning permission or is your application a permitted development?

There are several types of development that require formal planning permission. Examples include:

  • most proposed new buildings
  • extensions or alterations to existing buildings
  • changes in the use of land or buildings (e.g. converting a house into flats or a farm building into a dwelling)
  • engineering or other operations on land

However, there are some forms of development which do not require planning consent - these are known as permitted developments.

Planning permission is not generally needed for internal alterations to buildings that do not affect their external appearance, for small external works, or most works of repair and maintenance. Limited changes of use may also be classed as permitted development.

The service has produced a questionnaire (please see below) to enable you to determine whether or not you require planning permission. This can be downloaded for you to complete and post to the section with the required fee where we will endeavour to respond promptly.

For further information on whether or not you require planning permission please follow the weblink to the Planning Portal

How to pay 

The fee should be submitted with your application and can be paid by the following methods:

  • Using our secure payment system :-

  • Credit/debit card by phoning 01248 752428
  • Via BACS (please contact us for BACS details on 01248 752428)

If you have any doubt about the correct fee please contact the department as no action can be taken on your application until the correct fee has been received. The Planning Portal has an interactive fee calculator to further assist you with determining the correct fee.

Take care!

If you build something which needs planning or building regulation permission without obtaining permission first, you may be forced to put things right later, which could prove troublesome and costly. You might even have to knock down the work. This action is known as “Enforcement”.

Professional agents

It is common practise to appoint professional agents to act on your behalf. The professional bodies/institutes of planners, architects and chartered surveyors all produce membership lists which you can consult if special advice is required.

Business support

If your project has economic, or other employment implications, arrangements can be made for you to meet with advisors from the Anglesey Business Centre. They can help with advice on grant systems, business grants, training funds, etc that may be relevant to your project.

Housing renovation grants

Your application for a house renovation grant is being dealt with by the Housing Department. You may also need planning permission or approval under the building regulations or both. 

It is your responsibility to find out if planning or building control permission is required, which must be granted before any work begins.

Planning Aid Wales

Planning Aid Wales is an independent charity providing advice and support on all aspects of land use planning in Wales.

Visit our website or call the planning helpline service on 02920 625 000 for more information.

Be creative!

Please remember that the design, planning and development process are not checklist exercises. The investment you make could alter the character and quality of communities on the island for decades to come as well as enhancing the value of your property.

We want people to be creative and respond to the need for sustainable forms of development that help to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Some files may not be suitable if you are using assistive technology. If you need a more accessible version, please email and tell us the format you need.