Isle of Anglesey County Council

The Welsh language on Anglesey

The Welsh language is a living language on Anglesey. With over half of the island's population able to speak Welsh, the language is alive in homes, in workplaces, and in our communities. Welsh has been used here for over two thousand years and continues to be used every day by people of all ages. This makes Anglesey one of the strongholds of the language.

In addition to our duty to offer Welsh language services, we are determined to ensure that the language continues to thrive on Anglesey. It is therefore important that there are plenty of opportunities for children, young people, adults and families to learn and use Welsh at school, at work, in businesses and leisure activities. We also want to ensure that newcomers are aware of the island's special culture and that opportunities are available for them to learn Welsh.

By working together to create more opportunities to use the language on Anglesey we aim to contribute towards fulfilling the Welsh Government’s national vision of a million Welsh speakers by 2050.