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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

School meals

The school meals service aims to provide a midday meal for pupils which is attractive, nutritional and reasonably priced.

The price is £2.20 per meal in primary schools.

The price is £2.60 per meal in secondary schools.

The lunch break is a social occasion and has its educational significance.

The menus in use by the School Meals Service are based on the nutritional guidelines laid down in the National Advisory Committee Report on Nutrition Education (NACNE) but at the same time offer popular items of food. The menus provide variety and there is control over the use of popular items of food and a choice of a “healthy” meal is available at all times.

A simple two-course menu is available in primary schools at a fixed price. In secondary schools there is a choice of a two-course meal, or snack, first course or desert only. A school meal is available to all pupils other than part-time nursery pupils.

Pupils bringing sandwiches

Provision is made at school for pupils who choose to bring their own food. They are provided with beakers, plates and drinking water.


A third of a pint of milk is provided daily, free of charge

  • to pupils under the age of 7
  • to pupils in special schools
  • to any pupil of primary age who requires milk on medical grounds and in respect of whom a certificate has been submitted by the School Medical Officer

Free school meals 

Free school dinner is available for some pupils.

Primary and secondary school menus

Please download the PDFs to view the current primary and secondary school menus.