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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Becoming a school governor

Anyone over the age of 18 can be a school governor - you don't have to be a parent with a child at the school.  Being a school governor can bring great satisfaction through the opportunity to make a difference to the effective running of a school.

Governors work as a team in contributing knowledge and expertise and in making collective decisions for the school.  As a governor you acquire transferable skills and experience that can benefit you both personally and professionally.

Free training is also provided each term on a number of subjects essential to support you in your role. 

Before you consider applying, make sure you’ve considered the skills required and that you are able to fully commit to the role. As a governor you should be able to:

  • attend and participate in governors meetings on a regular basis (governing bodies must meet at least once per term, plus committee meetings)
  • attend mandatory training provided by the local authority
  • attend other training sessions to further your knowledge and expertise
  • spend time getting to know the school through link governor visits/learning walks
  • participate in other panels such as appointments, staffing, pupil issues and complaints
  • respect confidentiality at all times
  • adhere to your governing body’s code of conduct at all times 

Apply to become a school governor

Parent governors

Parent governors are elected as representatives of the interests of parents of pupils currently attending the school and to give the perspective of a parent on decisions the governing board may be making. Parents are informed of a vacancy for a parent governor position by the school.  If you wish to know when the next vacancy becomes available at your child’s school, please contact the school directly. 

A parent governor can continue to serve as a governor until the end of their four year term of office, even if their child leaves the school during that period. 

Local authority governors

Individuals nominated as local authority governors should be able to demonstrate:

  • a commitment to and an interest in education
  • a desire to support the school concerned
  • a willingness to serve the local community
  • skills and experience which will support the work of the school
  • the ability to work as a member of a team
  • the required degree of discretion and confidentiality
  • a willingness to give of the required time to fulfil their obligations to the governing body
  • an empathy with the linguistic and cultural diversity of the county, particularly in support of the Welsh language
  • a willingness to support the aspirations and strategic intentions of the county
  • a commitment to attending governor training

In addition, local authority governor nominees should not:

  • knowingly be disqualified from serving as a school governor
  • be an employee of the school 

Your local councillor should be aware of any local authority governor vacancies in the electoral ward. 

Apply to be a local authority governor

Community governors

These governors are invited by other governors to join the governing body and are appointed by the governing body.

Community members bring their own experience or skills to the governing body and can act as a link with the community in which the school serves. Community governors usually live or work in the community of the school area and are committed to the good government and success of the school.