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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Dark Skies Grant Scheme

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The scheme

Isle of Anglesey County Council’s Destination Team are about to launch an exciting island-wide grant scheme that will help communities, private businesses, the public sector and third sector organisations to take control of damaging light pollution and increase the wellbeing of their communities and wildlife.

This scheme supports the council's commitment to work towards achieving net zero carbon status by 2030 in accordance with pledges made in the Council Plan 2023 to 2028. This grant scheme has been made possible thanks to £360,000 Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) funding from UK government providing 100% funding for each project within the grant scheme.

  • 75% (£270,000.00) of this Funding will be directly allocated to target the worst and previously identified properties contributing to inappropriate light pollution.
  • 25% (£90,000.00) will be available for smaller retrofitting schemes such as communities, private businesses and the third sector. This will be administered by a dark sky grant scheme.

Light pollution is damaging to health and wellbeing

98% of the UK population live under light polluted skies. Research and emerging studies are proving that light pollution is damaging to health and wellbeing leading to issues such as insomnia, high blood pressure and even hormonal illnesses such as diabetes.

It is only recently that these serious health issues have come to light. Our biodiversity is also negatively impacted by light pollution, with over 60% of all species requiring a natural darkness to survive.

Council commitment

This grant scheme shows the council's commitment to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, reduce carbon emissions, tackle light pollution, and protect the night sky.

Dark sky friendly lights 

Communities, private businesses, the public sector and third sector organisations will be able to apply to assess suitability for retrofitting their lights. 

These lights will be replaced by the best standard of light fixture and fitting to ensure they are ‘dark sky friendly’ and fit for purpose. ‘Dark sky friendly’ does not mean no lights, it simply means the use of the right amount of light, at the right time and in the right place.

Applying for the grant

We recently invited Anglesey communities, private businesses and the third sector to contact us to register their interest in this grant scheme in advance of developing project proposals.

The deadline for receiving expressions of interest was 8 March 2024.

We will soon be contacting everyone who expressed an interest to begin the application process.

More information

Please contact Wiliam Stockwell, Senior Project Officer (Destination) on by email at


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