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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Financial inclusion

The council’s Financial and Digital Inclusion Team is on hand to support you if you are experiencing financial difficulties. 

Financial and Digital Inclusion Team 

The Financial and Digital Inclusion Team gives free and confidential advice and support, such as: 

  • accessing information about utility bills and financial assistance that may be available for water/gas and electric, including accessing credit for pre-payment meters for those who are having to self-isolate and are unable to visit a pay-point 
  • accessing foodbanks if someone has no income/savings to buy food 
  • budgeting advice 
  • reporting any changes on Universal Credit Journal or managing a Universal Credit claim online

Advice and support

The team can also offer advice on accessing bank accounts, discussing housing options such as downsizing to more affordable accommodation. The Team can also help with debt advice and developing financial confidence and capabilities whatever a person’s situation.

In addition, if you are a council tenant and are struggling to pay your rent, please contact your Housing Management Officer on 01248 752 200 to discuss your concerns.

Officers can advise on how best to deal with the situation, whether it’s to make an arrangement, discuss how to maximise your income, advise on how to apply for Universal Credit, Housing Benefit, Payment Discretionary Housing, or refer you to a specialist agency such as the JE O'Toole Centre or Citizens Advice.


Did you know that if you are in receipt of Universal Credit you may be entitled to unlimited broadband with BT for £15 a month? Please use the link below to see if you are eligible.

See if you are eligible

Welsh Water

Are you on a low income? Have you checked to see if you can lower your Welsh Water bill?

Welsh Water offer several different tariffs for people who may be on a low income, or medical health issues.

Welsh water may also be able to offer you a scheme to help clear your Water arrears.

Find out more

Shop around

As a financial inclusion team we always recommend that you shop around for the best deals when it comes to energy suppliers, car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance and so on. There are a number of comparison websites that you can use online.

The Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF) in Wales has replaced parts of the Social Fund previously run by the Department of Work and Pensions, which was known as ‘crisis loans’ or ‘community care grants’.

New claims will need to be made to DAF for emergencies or basic items.

The fund offers grant payments or support for two purposes:

  • EAP: Emergency Assistance Payments to provide you with help in an emergency or when there is an immediate threat to your, or someone in your family’s health or wellbeing.
  • IAP: Individual Assistance Payments to help you, or someone you care for to live independently in the community and prevent the need for institutional care. If you require assistance with applying for Individual assistance payment please make contact with the Financial Inclusion Team.

You can check your eligibility, get contact details or find out more information on the Discretionary Assistance Fund on the Welsh Government website.

Find out more on Welsh Government website

Are you struggling to pay you rent or effected by the bedroom tax?

You may be eligible to apply for a discretionary housing payment (DHP).

This is a grant that helps people who are claiming Universal Credit or housing benefit to be able to pay their rent as a short term measure whilst you are in financial hardship.

The DHP also offers help for people who are claiming Universal credit and housing benefit to apply for removals costs and deposits for properties months in advance.

If you require support to fill out the DHP, please contact your housing officer or the Financial Inclusion Team.

Find out more about the DHP

Bwyd da Môn

Bwyd da Môn is a food wastage initiative scheme.

By becoming a member for £5 a week you may be able to reduce how much you spend when you shop for food.

Find out more about the Bwyd Da Môn scheme

Food banks

If you are in a crisis and are unable to buy any food, please contact the Financial Inclusion Team.

We we may be able to arrange a food parcel for you.

Find out more about food banks on Anglesey

Do you struggle to manage your money and require some help with budgeting?

Try the MoneyHelper budget planner

Alternatively, if you would like to request one-to-one budgeting support, please contact the Financial Inclusion Team.


If you are worried about your debts and would like support to deal with this, please us ethe MoneyHelper website to find your nearest debt support service.

Find your nearest debt support service

Loan sharks

Get more information on where to access support with loan sharks.

Help with loan sharks from Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit

Information on basic bank accounts and how to choose the right bank account for you is available on the MoneyHelper website.

Find out more about bank accounts with MoneyHelper