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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Discretionary Housing Payments and Discretionary Assistance Fund

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

DHP is a payment that you may be entitled to, at the discretion of Isle of Anglesey County Council. The fund is intended to provide extra help with housing costs on top of your Housing Benefit.

Who does it help?

If you are entitled to Housing Benefit or the Housing Costs element of Universal Credit you will be able to apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment. Please be aware that you are not guaranteed to be awarded the fund.

The fund is aimed at supporting individuals, the fund has been increased by the UK Government to help with the Welfare Reform’s benefit changes such as the Benefit Cap and other Housing Benefit changes.

Isle of Anglesey County Council cannot help everyone so decisions about priority have to be made.

What can discretionary housing payments cover?

DHP may be granted to pay for a shortfall between your housing benefit and rent. This may include when housing benefit has been reduced because of:

  • the ‘bedroom tax’
  • the benefit cap
  • non-dependant deduction being applied (eg for grown up sons or daughters living with you).
  • changes to the local housing allowance
  • shared accommodation rate for single people

You could get a DHP to pay for the start up costs of a new tenancy, such as a rent deposit, rent in advance or removal costs. Anglesey Council may also help to prevent you from becoming homeless and in some situations, payments can be made to help with rent arrears.

What help doesn’t it provide?

Discretionary Housing Payment will not be awarded to cover any increases in rent due to arrears or any payment recovery payments from your Housing Benefit. It cannot be used to help to cover Job Centre Plus (JCP) sanctions or a reduction in benefit.

How much does it pay?

Isle of Anglesey County Council will decide whether to award a Discretionary Housing Payment, how much to award, and for how long. Awards can be one off payments, short term or indefinite awards.

Appealing against the decisions

If you are not happy with the outcome of your DHP application or award, you can ask your Anglesey Council to review its decision. This will be followed with a reviewed decision alongside a letter to explain the decision.

How to make a claim

The application form is available to download below.

Please return the form and any additional information to Isle of Anglesey County Council, Revenues and Benefits, PO Box 29, Llangefni, LL77 7ZF.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment at JE O’Toole Centre, Holyhead with a welfare rights officer.

Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF)

As of April 2013, The Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF) in Wales replaces parts of the Social Fund previously run by the Department of Work and Pensions which was known as ‘crisis loans’ or ‘community care grants’.

New claims will need to be made to DAF for emergencies or basic items.

The fund offers grant payments or support for two purposes:

EAP: Emergency Assistance Payments to provide you with help in an emergency or when there is an immediate threat to your, or someone in your family’s health or wellbeing

IAP: Individual Assistance Payments to help you, or someone you care for to live independently in the community and prevent the need for institutional care.

How to apply for an EAP or IAP

You can apply by phone, online or by post

Call the freephone number - 0800 859 5924 - which is free from landlines or call 033 0101 5000 which is charged at a local rate.