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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Holy Island Landscape Partnership

The Holy Island Landscape Partnership will work with the local communities to deliver a programme of actions that will address the locally identified priorities.

These include the sustainable management of the natural heritage and the historic character of the island together with creating a ‘sense of place’, by increasing local awareness and appreciation of Holy Island’s rich and diverse heritage.

The partnership is looking to ensure that the landscape heritage is at the heart of the current drive to develop Holy Island as an international visitor gateway to Wales.

The scheme will encourage and enable local communities to understand, manage and celebrate Holy Island’s heritage landscape. The Holy Island Landscape Partnership will work with the local communities to deliver a programme of activities based on Holy Island’s rich and diverse heritage.

Recent projects

This project will restore traditional boundary structures. As the prominent characteristic landscape feature we will focus on traditional dry stone walls, however cloddiau and hedgerows will also be considered if the circumstances opportunity arises.
A year round programme of community led activities and projects, developed by local people for local people. Promoting the local heritage, how and why it’s managed, its value, and the local benefits it provides. Focus is on engaging a wide and diverse audience, enabling participation in heritage projects, and recruiting future volunteers.
Directly supporting the scheme’s volunteer led activities, and developing sustainable local capacity for the future long term management of the heritage landscape and its special features.


The Holy Island Landscape Partnership’s staff team is employed via the regeneration function of the council’s Regulation and Economic Development Service, which delivers a range of heritage, community, town centre, environmental and other regeneration projects.