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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Trading standards guidance

Weights and measures


Selling alcohol in licensed premises
Updated: 23/03/2023
Sale of petrol and diesel from forecourts
Updated: 23/03/2023
Selling solid fuel and wood fuel
Updated: 23/03/2023
Refill shops
Updated: 27/02/2023
Weighing and measuring fruit and vegetables
Updated: 27/01/2023
Weighing and measuring fish
Updated: 27/01/2023
Weighing and measuring meat
Updated: 27/01/2023
Small bakers and average weight
Updated: 27/01/2023
Providing price information
Updated: 27/01/2023
Weighing equipment for legal use
Updated: 23/11/2022
Packaged goods: average quantity
Updated: 09/11/2022
The sale and delivery of oil and gas
Updated: 19/07/2022
Units of measurement
Updated: 12/07/2022