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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

School transport frequently asked questions


The Learner Travel (Wales) Measure 2008 stipulates that free transport will only be provided to learners of compulsory school age (up to Year 11) if the distance from home to their nearest suitable school is at least:

  • 2 miles for primary school pupils
  • 3 miles for secondary school pupils

You may also access our current transport policy.

The local authority also provides free transport for pupils of statutory school age:

  • where the route to school is considered to be hazardous by the local authority in consultation with the Highways, Waste and Property Service
  • where transport to a named school is identified in a pupil’s Statement of special educational needs. This would normally be on medical or educational grounds and would be deemed essential in the context of other criteria identified within the policy
  • where a child requires transport on medical grounds and no suitable public transport exists

Parents have responsibility for:

  • getting their child to and from school where they do not qualify for free school transport
  • applying for free transport where their child qualifies
  • informing the LA and the school of changed circumstances which may affect transport
  • ensuring that their child is ready and waiting for transport at the appropriate time and place. It is the parent’s responsibility to accompany the child to and from the vehicle
  • ensuring that their child’s behaviour while using school transport is acceptable

In determining the mode of transport required, the following principles will apply:

  • The need for specialist transport.
  • The additional needs of a pupil as defined in a pupil’s statement/IDP.

In all cases, the efficient use of resources will dictate the mode of transport (subject to the above conditions). Transport may be provided by means of school contract transport services or existing public transport services which, together with the type of transport (bus, minibus, train, taxi, etc.) will be dictated by cost effectiveness. In some cases, one contract bus may transport different pupils to more than one school site.

In exceptional circumstances, a cash payment (currently 30p per mile) may be available for transporting pupils who meet all the criteria, if deemed by the local authority to be more cost effective.

All calculations of distance will be made using the authority’s chosen software package.

The route to school will be measured from the home boundary to the nearest school gate, and may include public footpaths and other pathways, as well as adopted roads. It is not necessarily the shortest distance by road.

Hazardous routes are assessed from the pick-up point/bus stop to the school (not from the home address). Should the route be deemed hazardous after assessment then the Local Authority will provide transport from the closest pickup point.

However, should the route be deemed hazardous it would remain the parent’s responsibility to arrange that their child/children travel up to a distance of 2 miles to meet any transport provided by the Local Authority.

There is no expectation that all children should walk to the pick-up points, as in some cases this will be inappropriate. They must also ensure there is a responsible adult to meet their child on the return journey.

Please email so that the authority can arrange to investigate and determine whether any additional or alternative transport arrangements are required.

The local authority will make suitable and relevant educational provision for all children with additional learning needs to ensure they are able to develop to their maximum potential.

The level of need is assessed by relevant professionals in the Anglesey and Gwynedd ALN and Inclusion Service, and this informs the type of transport provided. Transport will then be provided in line with the advice given and reviewed on a regular basis.

If a child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Individual Development Plan (IDP), school transport may be included as part of the non-educational provisions made for the child as part of their statement/IDP Plan. If it is, then transport will be provided.

If school transport is not included in a child’s Statement/IDP Plan then they may still be entitled to home to school transport under the policy provided that the school they are attending is the nearest appropriate school with a place or if they have attended a designated primary feeder school for a particular secondary school; subject to the eligibility criteria being met. Any request for transport will be made through a review of the pupil's needs by the school. The school will then submit the application for consideration to the Moderation Panel through the Individual Development Plan. Please contact your school’s ALN Co-ordinator in order to discuss the matter further.

Please be advised that free transport may not be provided if parents/carers exercise their right to preference of school which is not the nearest suitable school.

Parents/carers have the right to express a preference for admission of their child to any school, subject to availability of places.

However, if the application is accepted, the learner will lose their entitlement to free transport if it is not their nearest suitable school or, the designated secondary school for the primary feeder school they attended.

The authority does not have a responsibility to provide transport for pupils who choose to attend a school in a different local authority. In such circumstances, it will be the parents’ responsibility to ensure safe transport of their child to and from the school.


The Authority does not provide transport for children attending nursery school or nursery classes at the age of 3 or 4.

Transport is provided for eligible children from the commencement of the school year in which the child attains the age of 5 and starts full-time compulsory education, normally in reception class.

Isle of Anglesey County Council provides travel passes for pupils who are entitled to free travel between home and school under the current policy.

To do this, coaches, minibuses and taxis are procured especially for school transport and the transport network is designed to run in the most cost-effective way to serve pupils entitled to free transport.

Any spare seats on the transport are usually offered on a first-come, first-served basis to pupils who are not entitled to free travel. These places are available under the Vacant Seat Scheme.

Due to the new Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations 2000 (PSVAR) legislation which came into effect on 1 January 2020, the authority isn’t currently charging for bus passes for those who successfully apply for concessionary travel as part of the vacant seat scheme in the 2023 to 2024 academic year.


The Welsh Government has issued a Travel Behaviour Code which is compulsory for all learners up to the age of 19. It applies to all modes of travel to and from education institutions. Learners must comply with the code whilst travelling to and from their place of learning.

Under the code, travel arrangements may be withdrawn from learners whose behaviour during the journey to or from school or college is not of an acceptable standard.

The driver will, in accordance with the agreed procedure, report any incidents of misbehaviour to the local authority and headteacher of the school concerned.

Any such incidents will be investigated and appropriate action taken, if necessary, including suspension from transport.

In order to qualify for one of the authority's transport contracts, operators must be able to show they that meet standards regarding health and safety, financial security, vehicle safety, insurance and driver regulations.

A driver's guide is also issued regarding standards of driver behaviour and customer awareness.


Eating and drinking is not permitted on vehicles. If your child has a medical condition which means they must eat regularly you must notify the Transportation Section via of this in advance of the journey.

Additional equipment and bags will only be permitted if:

  • there is enough room on the vehicle
  • they can be stored safely and securely
  • it does not incur any additional cost
  • it does not inconvenience other passengers

Other options should be considered, for example is the equipment available at school?

Medication should be stored in a sealed container and placed inside your child's school bag.

Smoking and vaping are not permitted on any vehicle contracted to the Council for the conveyance of pupils/students to and from school/college.

Any pupil/student found smoking on school or college buses will be reported for disciplinary action to be considered.

Bus passes

The window for school bus pass applications opens with forms available 1 March to 31 May.

  • Applications should be completed online:
  • You will receive an auto-response to the email address you have provided once you have submitted your application.
  • The local authority will assess your application once we have received confirmation from the school that your child has been granted a place.
  • When your application has been assessed, we will inform you whether your child is eligible.
  • As long as your application has been submitted in time, we will aim to inform you of the transport arrangements before the end of the summer term (July) and send you a bus pass for your child (if applicable).
  • Please note that late applications will be considered after those received by the closing date, but we cannot guarantee that transport arrangements will be in place for September.
  • If you move house, you will need to re-apply for a bus pass:; This is because your eligibility depends on the distance between your home and your school. If you move to a new address, we will need to check your eligibility again.
  • If you are applying for a bus pass after moving house during the school year, please apply as soon as you can after your new address is confirmed.
  • You will also be required to re-apply for a bus pass if any of your circumstances change during the period your children attend school, or if your child’s school or course changes.
  • Provided that your home address and the school attended do not change, there is no need for you to re-apply for a bus pass every year.
  • Parents will need to re-apply for a bus pass if their child decides to transfer to the sixth form:
  • Applications for bus passes to colleges should be directed to the college concerned: Applications can be made at any time of year although students are recommended to apply at the end of the summer term prior to commencing courses in September.

Transport provision is provided subject to the Welsh Government Travel Code of Behaviour.

Please ensure you have read and understood the implications of not abiding by this code. See links to the 'Parent Guide' and the full statutory guidance in the Useful Documents area.

We aim to send out travel passes to your home address before the end of July ready for the start of the school term in September.

If you haven’t received the bus pass before this time and you had applied by the deadline, please contact

If your application was made after the start of term or part way through the academic year and your child is eligible, we will aim to issue a pass within 14 days. Please note that applications made during peak times may be delayed and parents/carers are ultimately responsible for making any interim travel arrangements.

When you receive the travel pass, please ensure that you keep it in a safe place. If you pay towards the cost of your child's transport, passes will not be dispatched until the payment due has been received.

Please contact School Transport by emailing and we will endeavour to arrange a replacement as soon as possible.

Most applications for bus passes are submitted by parents/carers in time for the start of the school year in September, once a school place has been confirmed for their child. To be sure you have transport arrangements in place for September please submit your application before the end of May (the earlier the better).

There may be times when you need to apply for a bus pass outside of these dates, perhaps during the school year your child’s needs have changed or you have moved house. You can submit an application at any time. Just remember that to guarantee transport for the start of the year in September you will need to apply between the dates shown above.

It’s best to submit your application as early as possible. Applications received before the closing date above will be considered first.

If your application is received after the closing date we cannot guarantee that it will be considered in time to have arrangements in place for the start of the school year in September and you may need to wait as long as October half term.

All secondary pupils who are eligible for free school transport are provided with bus passes, which must be used to access school transport at all times. It is important that all pupils carry their pass and be ready to show it to the driver each time the vehicle is boarded. Passes should be kept safe and in good condition.

If your child's travel pass has been lost or damaged it must be replaced immediately. Please contact the Transportation Section by emailing or calling 01248 752456.

Please be advised that there may be a charge of £5 for a replacement pass, and pupils travelling on commercial bus services will be expected to pay the appropriate fare until a replacement pass is received and no refunds will be paid for any expenses incurred.

If your child is entitled to a free bus pass, and, providing your child still attends the same school and resides at the same home address, there is no need to apply annually for a new bus pass.

The authority issues bus passes which are valid for 5 years for those pupils who are entitled to a free pass - please check the expiry date on your child's pass.

Applications for transport in primary schools are made through the school – applications for transport made directly to the authority by parents/carers will not be accepted.

Please contact the person responsible for transport in your school to discuss further.

If your child is transferring to the secondary sector and you live further than 3 miles away from their catchment area school, there is no need to make an application for a free bus pass as the Learning Service will advise the Transportation Section of your child’s eligibility for a free bus pass.

Should you have any queries, please contact the Transportation Section via

Unless otherwise stated, passes are valid for a return journey to and from school/college, Monday to Friday only. The misuse and/or fraudulent use of a bus pass is treated seriously and can result in transport being withdrawn.

Any of the following may lead to confiscation:

  • Use by anyone other than the named pass holder.
  • Attempted use for unauthorised journeys.
  • Using a damaged or defaced bus pass.
  • Using a pass that has expired and is no longer valid.

Collection/drop off points

The Local Authority will provide travel passes for learners who, due to their family circumstances, may reside in more than one residence; with at least one residence being in Anglesey.

However, this is provided that the school attended is the nearest suitable school from the main residence, or agreed to be the most suitable school, taking account of the locations of both residences. Proof of dual residency must be provided and the main residence is usually the property to which child benefit is paid.

If the second residence is in a different Local Authority area, then it is the responsibility of that Authority to consider transport arrangements for that route to school. Parents/carers should therefore apply to the relevant local authority.

A change of address or school must be reported so that we can reassess your details and update our records. Please contact us by emailing

You may be required to provide proof of address if you have moved address, such as a copy of your Council Tax bill or utility bill.


The authority will not provide transport to or from out of school clubs such as breakfast club, after school clubs and so on, or extra-curricular activities that fall outside the statutory curriculum. It is the parent’s/carer’s responsibility to ensure that appropriate transport arrangements are put in place if these services are accessed.


Home to school transport is provided for eligible learners between their home address or allocated pick-up point, and the qualifying school where they are registered.

Free transport is not provided from or to addresses of other family members or friends, parents’ work addresses or child care facilities of any sort.

Post 16 travel

No. Free transport is only available for compulsory school age children, it is not available for post-16 learners (after Year 11).

However, students may be able to purchase a vacant seat pass from the local authority. They will be required to pay a fee (the fee is reviewed annually).

Applications for transport to colleges should be directed to the college concerned. Applications can be made at any time of year although students are recommended to apply at the end of the summer term prior to commencing courses in September. 

Coleg Menai
Penmynydd Road
LL77 7HY
Tel: 01248 383 348 

Coleg Menai
Ffordd Ffriddoedd
LL57 2TP
Tel: 01248 370 125 

Coleg Menai
Y Maes
LL55 2NN
Tel: 01286 673 450 

Coleg Glynllifon
Ffordd Clynnog
LL54 5DU
Tel: 01286 830 261 

Coleg Meirion Dwyfor
LL53 5EB
Tel: 01758 701 385 

Coleg Llandrillo
Cefndy Road
LL18 2HG
Tel: 01745 354 797

Appeals and complaints

If your application is unsuccessful, it may be possible for you to apply for a vacant seat.

There are times, on some routes, when the number of eligible children is fewer than the number of seats provided on the bus. Where this happens children who don’t meet the conditions for free school transport may be offered the opportunity to apply for one of these empty seats.

If you wish to make an appeal, then this must be made in writing and addressed to:

Learning Service
Isle of Anglesey County Council
Council Offices
LL77 7TW

You may also forward your request by emailing stating your reasons for the appeal and providing any relevant documentation to support your case.

Please contact if you are worried or concerned about any aspect of your child's journey, including the behaviour of the other passengers or the safety or reliability of the vehicle.

The sooner we are made aware of a problem, the quicker we can act to rectify it.

Schools have responsibility for the behaviour of their children on the way to and from school, including while travelling on home to school transport.

Please report the incident(s) to the school in the first instance and then contact

Matter concerning a transport provider

Though we make every effort to minimise it, you may occasionally experience unexpected delays or problems.

Please wait for 15 minutes after the scheduled pick up time. If the transport has still not arrived, please contact the Transportation Section on 01248 752 455 or 01248 752 458.

Please also contact us if there is persistent lateness of transport by emailing

You can either contact the transport company directly or you can contact and we will give you the name and telephone number of the vehicle operator so that you can contact them directly and make arrangements to collect the property.

In the event of bad weather (if the school or college is open),the transport provider will decide whether to operate, depending upon:

  • the weather conditions at the time
  • the weather forecast up to 9am and for the remainder of the day
  • the location of the route and the operator’s base
  • and conditions at the school or college.

Parents/students should check the position with the transport provider or contact

If bad weather prevents school or college transport from operating in the morning, no return service will operate in the afternoon even if the weather improves. In these cases, if parents/carers take students to the school or college then it is their responsibility to transport the students home at the end of the day, or earlier if the school or college closes due to worsening weather conditions.

The decision to close a school is taken by the Headteacher, following a risk assessment that is based on a number of factors. This decision has to be taken without knowing exactly how the weather will progress during the day.

Information on individual school and college closures due to bad weather will be posted on the Isle of Anglesey County Council website at the earliest opportunity and announcements will be made on Môn FM. Please also see individual school websites.

For public transport, passengers should check with transport providers before travelling or contact:

  • Isle of Anglesey County Council on 01248 752459
  • Traveline Cymru on 0871 200 22 33

We generally receive advance warning of scheduled road closures. Where school transport is affected, we may need to organise alternative pick-up or drop-off points with the operator. We would then arrange for parents/carers to be notified of the temporary travel arrangements.

In the event of an emergency, roads may be closed without notice, possibly causing delays to school transport. Where possible we will publish emergency closures on the Isle of Anglesey County Council website.

Please contact if you are concerned at any time about the late arrival of your child/children.


If your child is unable to attend school or transport is no longer required you will need to contact as soon as possible.


Only eligible pupils are permitted to travel on the school transport vehicle. All seats have been allocated to eligible pupils. If additional children travel then this may lead to the vehicle becoming overcrowded.

Parents are not allowed to travel on school transport unless there were special circumstances and prior agreement has been given by Isle of Anglesey County Council.

To ensure transport routes remain efficient and cost effective, it is necessary to carry out periodic reviews. As a result, changes may occasionally be made to your child’s transport, but we will always try to give you advance notice.

A passenger supervisor may be provided by the Authority for pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Needs/IDP, who qualify for transport under the defined criteria.

Provision of passenger supervisors will take place after consideration by relevant officers of the individual needs of the pupils or group of pupils and the nature of the transport available.

If your school transport question hasn’t been answered here, you may also call us or email us

Taxi transport enquiries: 01248 742458
Bus passes enquiries: 01248 752456
Buses enquiries: 01248 752455

General enquiries or concerns can also be emailed to the Learning Service via