Isle of Anglesey County Council

Modernising Learning Communities and Developing the Welsh Language Strategy

Isle of Anglesey County Council wants every child, young person and learner, wherever they are, to reach their potential and to be ready to play their part as responsible citizens and community champions.

In this context, the council wants to make sure that modern schools are suitable for the twenty first century and make the best use of modern technology.

This will:

  • lead to higher standards
  • respond to the changes that are happening in society, in communities and in the economy
  • improve outcomes for children and young people and especially to break the link between deprivation and low achievement

The council also wants to be proactive in making sure that children are educated within their local catchment area, where possible.

An effective and efficient school system is needed to achieve this. Schools must be located in the right place and led by inspired headteachers who have enough leadership time to complete the task.

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