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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Proposed Changes to the Deposit UDP (October 2002)

The County Council placed the UDP on deposit in November 2001. The Council considered all representations made to the deposit plan and decided to publish pre inquiry “Proposed Changes” to help overcome some of the outstanding objections to the plan.

The “Proposed Changes” were made available for public comment during a six week period from the 31st October 2002 to 12th December 2002.At the end of that period of public consultation all duly made representations that were received to the proposed changes were considered. 
Guidance Note - When reviewing these Proposed Changes it is recommended that you have regard to the Further Proposed Changes of 2003 and Inspector’s Report 2004 to discover the final position in relation to a particular paragraph / policy / inset plan.

The attachments at the bottom of the page follow this structure:
Proposed Changes (2002) ReportProposed Changes Maps ListA list of maps to accompany report ** The maps index should be used to select the correct map. Therefore, in order to view Proposed Change 500 (PC500) in Amlwch the Amlwchne_500 map should be viewed. The PC number will always follow the underscore in the map filename. The maps have been listed in sequential order.

If you need a more accessible version, please email so that we can help you.