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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Inspector's Report into Objections to the Unitary Development Plan (2004)

Following the Public Inquiry into the deposit UDP that was held between the 3rd July and the 8th September 2003 an Inspector’s Report on the UDP was published in July 2004.

A total of 1231 objections were made to the Deposit Draft Plan, and 276 objections made to the Proposed Changes, a total of 1507 objections. 227 objections were subsequently totally withdrawn. 293 objections were heard at the Inquiry, the remainder were dealt with as Written Representations.

In his report the Inspector made Recommendations on each of these objections and then required the county council to consider whether the plan should be modified.
In December 2005 the county council resolved to stop work on the plan and the post inquiry modifications were not published. 

Guidance Notes - The Council’s position is to have regard to the stopped UDP (Dec 05) as a Material Consideration in dealing with current applications. To ascertain the latest version of a paragraph / policy or inset plan there is a need to undertake the following steps:
1] Ascertain the position in the Deposit Plan 2001;
2] Review the Proposed Changes 2002 for any possible change;
3] Review the Further Proposed Changes 2003 in case of further changes; and
4] Review the Inspector’s Report 2004 to see if there is a recommendation for any further amendments or whether the Proposed Changes (PC) of Further Proposed Changes (FPC) have been accepted (remember if no reference is made to a particular PC or FPC then it is possible that this did not form part of the Inquiry but would be included by the Council in the stopped UDP (Dec 05) version of the plan).

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