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Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) Regulations

PPC Regulations require all those processes prescribed in Schedule 1 to the Regulations to operate under a permit regime.

Processes fall under the definition of A1, A2 and Part B activities, which are often determined in accordance with certain capacity thresholds eg solvent consumption per annum:

  • Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC), which covers installations known as A(1) installations, which are regulated by the Environment Agency
  • Local Authority Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (LA-IPPC) which covers installations known as A(2) installations, which are regulated by local authorities
  • Local Authority Pollution Prevention and Control (LAPPC), which covers installations known as Part B installations, also regulated by local authorities

All three systems require the operators of certain industrial and other installations to obtain a permit to operate. Once an operator has submitted a permit application, the regulator then decides whether to issue a permit. If one is issued, it will include conditions aimed at reducing and preventing pollution to acceptable levels. A(1) installations are generally perceived to have a greater to potential to pollute the environment than an A(2) installation, and Part B installations would have the least potential to pollute.

To view the unofficial consolidated version of the regulations, please follow the relevant weblink in the tab above.

The primary difference between Part A and B activities is that the permit conditions for a Part A activity regulate emissions to air, water and land, together with a number of other issues; permits for part B activities only relate to emissions to air. The Secretary of State’s general Guidance manual on Policy and Procedures for A” and B installations (“the manual”) is available on the DEDRA website.

Permit holders

For a list of permit holders, please see the downloadable PDF document.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Environmental Services section well in advance and before making an application.

Both English and Welsh copies of the relevant application forms are available and may be forwarded to you either electronically or in ‘hard-copy’ form.  Applications must consist of 4 copies of the application form (each with an original signature) together with the appropriate fee.

For full details on the application process please consult with the Pollution Section of the Environmental Services Section or refer to the DEFRA manual

If you need a more accessible version, please email so that we can help you.