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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Contaminated land

With the exception of Parys Mountain near Amlwch the industrial history of Anglesey does not point to major areas of ground contamination.

Modern day land uses are more likely to have introduced contamination. Examples of sources of contamination include: petrol filling stations, chemical works, ordnance factories, metal works and other such industrial land use activities.

The council’s main aims in dealing with contaminated land are to:

  • protect human health
  • protect controlled waters
  • prevent damage to property
  • prevent any further contamination of land
  • encourage the voluntary “clean up” of contaminated land
  • encourage the re-use of contaminated land or as it is known “brownfield” land

Development of Land Affected by Contamination: A Guide for Developers

This guidance document has been prepared for developers and their agents/advisers who may be involved in assessing and managing land contamination in Wales. It aims to outline the information required by Local Planning Authorities (LPA) in order for them to determine planning applications and then the subsequent discharge of associated land contamination conditions. This guidance document provides an overview of good practice for land contamination management procedures which, if followed, will help meet the information requirements of the LPA during development of that land.

At all times, it is the responsibility of the developer to follow good practice and identify the nature, scale and extent of land affected by contamination, and if required, undertake remediation work to ensure suitability of the land for the proposed development. The LPA does not have a duty of care to the landowner.