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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Pest control

Isle of Anglesey County Council offers a pest control service for domestic and commercial properties.

We have a friendly team of qualified and experienced staff willing to help you safely, swiftly and discretely to eradicate your pest problem in a quick, humane and discreet manner.

We deal with:

  • rats
  • mice
  • fleas
  • wasps
  • ants
  • cluster flies
  • cockroaches
  • bed bugs

Prices are listed with all our council fees and charges.


We do not deal with bees but please see the links on this page for advice and numbers of local bee keepers.

What damage could pests in your business cause?

  • It could damage all your stock making it redundant.
  • It could damage the fabric of the building (in some cases rats have been known to chew thorough electric cables causing fires!).
  • You could lose trust from your customers, and your reputation, if it is not dealt with quickly.

These are just a few examples of how a pest could damage your company, and in the current climate nobody can afford these types of losses.

Why use us?

With over 24 years of experience our qualified, friendly staff are only too willing to help your business to remain a pest free zone.

Isle of Anglesey County Council 's pest control service has a solution to your pest problem.

Book an appointment

To book an appointment, please use our online form.

Pest control advice

For advice on dealing with different kinds of pests, go to the British Pest Control Association website.

For information on badgers, moles, foxes, squirrels and rabbits contact Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Wildlife Management Team on 0845 601 4523