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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Rights of Way Improvement Plan

Anglesey’s First Rights of Way Improvement Plan (RoWIP) was published by Isle of Anglesey County Council in 2008, which was a statutory requirement under Section 60(1) of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. The main purpose of the RoWIP was to adopt a strategic approach on the management and improvement of Anglesey's public rights of way (PRoW) network.

In 2018, Anglesey’s initial RoWIP reached the end of its 10-year time frame, and required a statutory assessment and review. Anglesey’s Second RoWIP has been produced in order to meet this statutory requirement.

Anglesey’s Second RoWIP will be implemented for a 10-year period (2018-2028). The new RoWIP identifies, prioritises and plans for improvements to Anglesey’s PRoW network, in order to create an improved and a more inclusive and integrated network, for all types of users. Additionally, Anglesey’s Second RoWIP outlines strategies, aims and objectives to holistically manage and improve the PRoW network to achieve wider social, environmental, and economic benefits to Anglesey, and to the island’s residents and visitors.

Approved in September 2018, Anglesey’s Second RoWIP (and supporting documents) are now available to view on the Council’s website by following the links below.