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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Electric vehicle charging

Charge points

The Zap-Map website will show you every charge point on Anglesey and the status of every charge point before you travel to them.

How to charge an electric vehicle

You will need a compatible plug-to-plug cable which should be supplied with your vehicle.

The type of charging sockets available at our locations include the CHADeMo (50kW), CCS (50kW), and Type 2 (22kW).

For the Swarco infrastructure, you pay and register using the eSwarco app. You can download the compatible app for your iOS or Android device fom their app services.

Contactless payment is also accepted by debit or credit card.

Further instructions on how to use the charging points can be found on the providers website or app you are using.

Costs of electric vehicle charging

The cost of charging is dependent on the speed of the charger and the provider. Currently, there are rapid chargers (70kVA) and fast chargers (7-22KvA) installed for public use at the cost of 49p/kWh-57p/kWh. Costs can be found on the provider's website, and on Zap-Map.

Parking is currently free of charge for electric vehicles using the charging bays as an aim to encourage users on the council’s journey to net zero.

Zap-Map also provide a public electric vehicle cost calculator which you can use to help find out how long it will take to charge your electric car at a slow, fast or rapid charger as well as the cost to charge your electric car. 

Installing a charger at your home or business

For information on finding an electric vehicle chargepoint installer, and guidance on applicability, schemes and application forms for electric vehicle chargepoint grant funding, please visit The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) website.

Electric vehicle charging plan

The Isle of Anglesey Electric Vehicle Charging Plan 2022 to 2030 sets out the council's ambitious plans to lead in meeting the charging requirements of residents and visitors to the island.

It is an essential component of the council's commitments to reduce its carbon footprint as an organisation and support the transition to net zero for the island under the climate change programme, in response to the climate emergency.

It also responds to the rapid increase in the number of electric vehicles being sold, and the ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol cars and vans by 2030.

Implementing the charging plan makes Isle of Anglesey County Council one of the first councils in Wales to deliver action in response to, and adhering to, the Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy for Wales.

We aim to give residents and visitors the confidence to move away from petrol and diesel vehicles, reducing tailpipe emissions and improving air quality and health across the island.

Delivering the plan

Through successful grant funding applications, the council has secured funding to install and develop charge points around the island.

The council has already installed public charging at Amlwch, Llangefni, Holyhead and Menai Bridge. There is a plan to install further charge points in these locations and others around the island, including the park and ride/share scheme St. Tysilio Park and Share Car Park, Llanfairpwll.

As part of the wider programme, the council has ambitions to provide a network of charge points across Anglesey to enable residents and visitors to confidently charge their vehicles on the island for their onward journey.

Work is currently being undertaken on developing potential new electric vehicle charge point sites (in collaboration with Transport for Wales and Welsh Government) and any delivery will be dependent on securing external funding. 

What we are doing to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles

The council has developed a fleet transition plan to take steps to decarbonise its fleet vehicles and are aiming to replace a proportion of them with electric vehicles.

With a short term to focus on purchasing mainly small/medium cars (2023) and in the medium-term focus (2024 onwards) on transitioning the fleet’s larger vehicles to electric vehicles (or other ultra-low emission vehicles).

Menter Môn (in partnership with Medrwn Môn and the council) have installed five electric vehicle charge points at community hubs across the island.

The council is working closely with Welsh Government to develop more sites on the island. This will depend on securing external funding.

Electric vehicle charge points that the council has led on




Type of carger


Sockets available

Noddfa car park


LL68 9ET

Dual head (Rapid 70kVa and Fast 22kVa)



Victoria Road car park


LL65 1UD

Dual head (Rapid 70kVa and Fast 22kVa)



Station Yard car park


LL77 7ND

Dual head (Rapid 70kVa and Fast 22kVa)



Town Hall car park


LL77 7LR

Dual head (Rapid 70kVa and Fast 22kVa)



Library car park

Menai Bridge

LL59 5AS

Dual head (Rapid 70kVa and Fast 22kVa)



Pen yr Orsedd business units

Parc Bryn Cefni


Slow (7kW)

BP Chargemaster


Anglesey Business Centre

Isle of Anglesey County Council

LL77 7XA

Slow (7kW)

BP Chargemaster


Units 17a-26a

Penrhos Industrial Estate

LL65 2FD

Slow (7kW)

BP Chargemaster


Unit 1A to 6A

Tregarnedd Industrial Park

LL77 7JD

Slow (7kW)

BP Chargemaster