Isle of Anglesey County Council

End your occupation contract

Contract holders are required to give at least 28 days clear notice to terminate their occupation contracts.

  • These 28 clear days must finish at the end of a full rental period in accordance with their occupation contract.
    Note: If you make a mistake when completing the form, we will advise you of the correct termination date in writing.
  • If it is a joint occupation contract, the notice will end the whole of the occupation contract even if it is not signed by all of the joint contract holders. This means everyone living in the property will have to move out by the termination date.
  • If you are prepared to allow prospective new contract holders to view the property during the notice period (accompanied by a housing officer), you will be entitled to receive high street shopping vouchers to the value of £60 when you hand the keys back at the end of the tenancy. Please note that if you have any housing related debts (rent arrears, rechargeable repairs, court costs), the payment will be offset against them.

To terminate your occupation contract, please fill in the online form (you must register first, if you have not already done so)