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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council


The Isle of Anglesey County Council have no legislative duty to provide sandbags to residential or commercial premises to protect them from flooding, unless the source of flooding travels from a Council owned asset such as the highway or a watercourse that travels through authority owned land.

The Isle of Anglesey County Council (IOACC) WILL deploy sandbags to divert the flow of flood water originating from Local Authority assets such as highway gullies, culverts and ditches in addition to watercourse, culverts and ditches lying within local authority owned land;

  1. Subject to availability; deploy sandbags at locations where there is an imminent risk to life or property. The decision to deploy sandbags shall be taken at the discretion of responding officers. Where possible, elderly and vulnerable residents shall be given priority.
  2. Collect sandbags from authority owned land and public open spaces and dispose of them in an appropriate manner.

The Isle of Anglesey County Council (IOACC) WILL NOT

  1. Deploy sandbags to private properties in advance of a flood event;
  2. Deploy sandbags to commercial properties at any time before, during or after a flood event, unless deemed necessary under exceptional circumstances to protect adjacent residential and/or essential infrastructure from flood damage;
  3. Allow residents to collect sandbags from IOACC depots;
  4. Collect sandbags from private land, residential properties (other than when deployed by CSYM. to elderly or vulnerable residents), or commercial premises, and;
  5. Collect sandbags which have not been deployed by IOACC.
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