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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Land drainage and watercourses

The Isle of Anglesey County Council are responsible for the regulation of ordinary watercourses. This includes issuing of consents for any changes to ordinary watercourses that might obstruct or alter the flow of an ordinary watercourse and enforcement action to rectify unlawful and potentially damaging work to a watercourse. This role was previously held by the Natural Resource Wales but has been transferred to enable the Lead Local Flood Authority to implement their new roles and responsibilities in respect to local flood risk. Natural Resource Wales still retain their responsibility of consenting works on main rivers.

If riparian owners or other bodies wish to culvert an ordinary watercourse or insert any obstruction, consent is required. The purpose of ordinary water course regulation is to control activities that may have an adverse flooding impact. 

It is essential that anyone who intends on carrying out works either temporary or permanent in, over, under or near a watercourse or flood defences (including sea defences) obtain any necessary consents before commencing works. Consents on forms of obstruction identified by the Land Drainage Act will be charged. Riparian owners are encouraged to contact the council to discuss any applications, and an application will be provided on request.

It is widely recognised that culverting has many adverse effects on flooding. Applications to culvert a watercourse will generally only be granted where it has been demonstrated that there is no viable alternative, that there are overriding requirements for the works and that mitigation measures have been proposed, and considered by IoACC to be acceptable. The Authority supports a general statement to discourage culverting of watercourses.

The information contained within the Policy below will provide further guidance on consenting together with the application form to be used in submitting the request.

If you need a more accessible version, please email so that we can help you.