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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Early years disability - support

Families First is an innovation programme that promotes the development by local authority areas of effective multi-agency systems and support, with a clear emphasis on prevention and early intervention for families, particularly those living in poverty.

Poverty has many aspects; poverty of participation and opportunity often affect the families of children with a disability.

The Early Support service will provide the families of children from birth to five years of age who have severe and/or complex disabilities with a holistic support service addressing all aspects of daily living.

A Key Worker will be allocated to the family. The Key Worker will help the family to identify their strengths and weaknesses, priorities and goals both in the short and long-term.

A Family File will record their progress and celebrate milestones of the child’s development and the family’s journey.

The Key Worker will co-ordinate the input of health, social care and education services, ensuring that the child and the family’s voice is at the centre of any decisions that affect them, and that the service work collaboratively to produce a single plan for the child, an Individual Development Plan.

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Services for Disabled Children on Anglesey are working under the following principles:

  • Wherever possible, children, young people and their families are able to live `ordinary lives‘
  • The uniqueness of children, young people and families is valued and provided for
  • A single multiagency assessment, planning and review process is provided and delivered in partnership with children, young people and families
  • Service delivery is holistic, coordinated and seamless
  • Continuity of care is maintained through different stages of a child’s life and through their preparation for adulthood
  • Children and young people’s learning and development is monitored and promoted
  • Children, young people and families are able to make informed choices
  • Children, young people and families are involved in shaping, developing and evaluating the services they use
  • Multiagency working practices and systems are integrated
  • Children, young people and families can be confident that the people working with them have appropriate training, skills, knowledge and experience