Isle of Anglesey County Council

Disabled Facilities Grant

What sort of work is a grant available for?

Disabled Facilities Grant is a mandatory grant and is available to provide facilities for disabled persons in dwellings and in common parts of a building containing one or more flats.

They are mainly aimed at making it easier for the disabled person to get into, around and use facilities within his / her home.

Definition of eligible circumstances

  • acute conditions that indicate that without immediate action, clients / carers health or safety could be seriously impaired
  • individuals who are assessed as being potentially at risk of injury to themselves or carers if adaptations not provided
  • individuals living alone without support who would need admission to residential or nursing home if adaptations not provided
  • replacement or repair of essential equipment. e.g. stairlifts, ceiling track hoists
  • individuals diagnosed as being terminally ill which have been medically confirmed as having poor prognosis
  • individuals with degenerative illnesses which have been medically confirmed
  • facilitating safe access to appropriate washing, toileting and sleeping facilities, and ensuring suitable use of facilities / appliances within the home

Who is eligible?

  • the applicant must be the owner, tenant or licensee of the dwelling to be adapted. A tenant should have a valid Tenancy Agreement
  • the proposed works must be for the benefit of a disabled occupant
  • for the purpose of this grant a ‘disabled person’ is a person who is registered disabled or any other person for whose welfare arrangements have been made or, in the opinion of the welfare authority, might be so made

Is there anything else you need to know?

Grant aid may be available within Isle of Anglesey for all the purposes listed above, provided that the Social Services Department consider the proposed works to be necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of the disabled occupant and that the Housing and Social Services Department consider the works to be reasonable and practicable having regard to the age and condition of the dwelling.

All applications for Disabled Facilities Grant are means tested (except in the case of a child) and are prioritised in accordance with the Social Services Department’s policy.

How much will you have to pay?

Grant aid is to be targeted at those who cannot afford the works themselves.

Consequently, if you wish to apply for a grant you will have to, first of all, fill in an Application Form so that the Council can assess your ability to fund the works yourself.

You should not be put off by this, firstly, all the details you provide will remain confidential and it means that even if you have a good income you may still be entitled to some grant if the works are extensive. The Council will decide which works are eligible for a grant.

What you should do next?

If you think that a Disabled Facilities Grant will be appropriate for you, you should first talk to your Community Occupational Therapist.

If you do not have one you should contact the Housing and Social Services Department and ask for a visit - please see the contact details on the right.

If he or she thinks a Grant will benefit you they will make a recommendation to the Housing Adaptations Officer.

Your Community Occupational Therapist and the officer who will visit you from the Housing and Social Services Department will help you with the rest.

If you are going to apply for grant aid you must not start any work until your application has been approved or refused in writing. If you do you will no longer be eligible for assistance.