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Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey County Council

Dementia Friendly Anglesey

We aim to create Anglesey dementia friendly, allowing people to have a better understanding about dementia. It will create Anglesey a better place for those people living with dementia, their cares and family members.

The Dementia Friendly Anglesey project will work with the local communities to deliver a programme of actions that will address the locally identified priorities. 

These priorities include working with various communities by identifying the areas within their communities that would require a dementia friendly facility or community building, we would identity those that would like to attend awareness session on dementia. The project will include working with various organisations, businesses, work with strategy groups, and volunteers by completing various tasks, working on various projects and working collaboratively to create Anglesey dementia friendly.

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A list of Dementia Friendly Anglesey projects that work with the local communities.

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Get involved

Become a Dementia Friendly Community or join the Dementia Actif Môn scheme.

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Dementia Actif Môn

Dementia Actif Môn helps people who are living with dementia. The scheme gives access to exercise programmes that help to improve health and wellbeing.


Logos for Isle of Anglesey County Council, Dementia Actif Môn, North Wales Regional Partnership Board, and Dementia North Wales: Dementia Friendly Communities