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Food labelling prepacked for direct sale (PPDS)

Introduction to allergen labelling changes (PPDS)

You may have heard about new food labelling which you could be required to introduce in your business by October 2021.

We are emailing you because we want you to be able to comply with the new law when it comes into force, if it applies in your business.

From 1 October, food businesses must be able to provide an accurate ingredient list, including allergens, on the packaging of all food that is 'prepacked for direct sale'.

If you answer yes to all of the four questions below then you 'prepack for direct sale'. 

  1. Does the consumer choose or order food in person at the premises?
  2. Is the food presented to the consumer within packaging?
  3. Is the food packaged before the consumer selects or orders it?
  4. Is the food packaged at the same place that it is sold? This includes food packaged by the same food business and sold at a temporary or mobile site, such as a food truck or market stall

Food labelling law

The Food Standards Agency has produced advice about the new labelling law, which is available on their website

Free online training

The is free online training, which we think all food businesses will find helpful, whether or not the legislative changes affect your food business. 

Food allergy and intolerence training from the Food Standards Agency

PPDS Food Labelling Webinar for UK Food Businesses from the Food Standards Agency

Food allergen resource from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute

We hope that this guidance will provide you with the information you need. However, if you would like any further help or advice, please contact us at